The world network of Taxi and Chauffeur companies serving the world's airports.

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The Airport-Taxis.Net (ATN) Project website is open for registering Taxi and Chauffeur companies and the traveling public to search for
suitable transport.

The project is building the largest on-line searchable listing of the taxi and chauffeur companies serving the world's airports. Anyone traveling on business or pleasure will be able to locate a suitable taxi or chauffeur company for their onward journey simply and easily by quick reference to The Airport Taxis Network. These taxi and chauffeur companies will be more than willing to drive you around the city, whether you're heading for a business hub, theatre or the mall.

This site is updated directly by the registered taxi and chauffeur companies that serve the world's international airports.

Direct links are included to the registered taxi and chauffeur companies' websites and email links put the clients directly in touch with the taxi or chauffeur company of choice. Travelers wanting to find a suitable taxi or chauffeur company can use these services FREE OF CHARGE.

Subscribing companies, free or paying, have a private administration area where they can update their registered information on-line. Don't delay in registering your company since the search pages list members' companies on a first registered first served basis - 'the first companies to register for services at a specific airport go top of the list - when a visitor makes a search for a suitable taxi company the first registered companies are at the top of the results for that airport'. Register Here.

The Near Future

Further enhancements to the service ATN provide are always under consideration.

We're planning to release:

  • A travelers bulletin board where travelers can post up their taxi requirements and this will be emailed directly to the taxi companies serving that airport
  • Enhanced company entries where your company logo and introduction can be displayed with your entry, therefore making your entry more attractive
  • An exchange links programme to encourage other travel related websites to link to Airport-Taxis.Net and therefore drive more visitors to your website
  • An international taxis bulletin board
  • Marketing tips to help you market your business through Airport-Taxis.Net to maximum advantage
  • limited subdomains at such as

All of these services and facilities will be advised to you as a member by email when available.

For the ATN project to be as successful as possible it relies on it being comprehensive and giving the traveling customers a good choice of quality taxi and chauffeur companies.

Therefore ATN encourages as many subscribers as possible and since your basic membership is absolutely free there are no barriers to joining.

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Further loyalty is rewarded by the listing order. For any registered airport location, ATN will list the longest standing company at the top of the list - you support ATN and ATN will support you.

Should your subscription lapse or be terminated, your entry will be removed and any subsequent application will be regarded as new and the scheme entry time will be the date of reapplication, therefore placing such companies at the end of the list for that particular airport.



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