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  1. Airport-Taxis.Net (ATN) is the copyrighted owner of all content of this website and reproduction of part or all the site is expressly forbidden. You may download and/or print out a hard copy of individual pages of the ATN website, for personal use.
  2. Taxi and Chauffeur companies participating in the ATN project are termed 'members'.
  3. ATN does not make recommendations, but rather provides a directory service for the traveller to use.
  4. ATN will not be held liable for any losses, either direct or consequential, by users of this website, caused by any act or omission, including negligence.
  5. ATN does not offer any guaranteed level of service. No guarantees of service are implied or given.
  6. ATN provides links to both Members' websites and email where applicable. The Members' website content is not controlled by ATN and therefore ATN do not endorse any representations of service or quality therein.
  7. ATN will provide an on-line directory service for taxi and chauffeur companies serving the World's airports.
  8. ATN will provide an on-line service for the travelling public.
  9. Changes to the service can be made at any time without notice, including cessation.
  10. Terms and conditions are subject to change and it will be assumed that registered members have seen and agreed to the terms and conditions. Any updates to the Terms and Conditions will be binding to members 30 days from publication.
  11. Terms and conditions are applicable to all users of this site as and when they use this service.
  12. Member companies must provide the services under which they have registered.
  13. Duplicate registrations will be seen as trying to gain unfair advantage and all entries for that member will be removed and the member barred from the service. ATN's decision on such matters is final.
  14. ATN reserve the right to decline any registration for membership without giving a reason.
  15. ATN reserve the right to de-register any member without giving a reason.
  16. ATN will support members by increasing the membership of the site wherever possible and therefore increase the value of the service provided to the membership.
  17. The ATN Website is not directed to any specific person or audience in any specific jurisdiction. Persons under any juristriction where the use of the ATN Website is prohibited must not access the ATN Website.

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